Spring 09

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

I can't believe how long it has been since the last post! Gosh, I am such a slacker! We have had one of the most special things happen this year. Our baby cousin, Jake, was born. Aunt Lauren and Uncle Wes are amazing parents and we love out little cousin and nephew! Also, this fall we went to NYC. I tood a promotion with my job and had to go to New Jersey for 3 weeks. Bryan stayed home with the girls for 3 weeks. He is such a good dad! Then he flew up with them and we sent to New York. We had such a great time! Ella Wesley asks all the time "when can we go back to New York City?" Life continues in our busy little family. We had wonderful holidays, Ella Wesley is LOVING MRA, Lucy is growing way to fast, and on and on. Lucy has become the funniest little child ever! Ella Wesley has become my sensitive little mother hen to Lucy. She is so protective of Lucy and her friends. She told me that one of her friends got hurt at school and it was b/c she wasn't watching her and helping her up the steps to the slide. She is so sweet! I have seen a complete transformation in her! Also, she has gotten recruited this year for her little gymnast self. At two weeks after her 5th birthday, she went to cheer camp and learned how to do a backhandspring by herself. She is loving gymnastics! Also, we did fall and spring soccer and she is quite the soccer player. We decided against t-ball this summer b/c she just didn't seem real interested in it last year. (Although now she keeps asking when t-ball starts). Also, we let her play basketball this year... she didn't have a clue what was going on! We are going to try to let her decide what she wants to do! I attended a Walk to Emmaus back in February. What an amazing experience. Bryan is going in a couple of weeks. I can't wait for him to have the same experience! I will do a better job of blogging! Promise!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Summer 09

I can't believe it has been so long since the last post. Such a fun fun summer! The highlight of our summer was a family trip to the beach with the Davis clan. All of us! Grammy, Poppa, Dick, Kaba, and Whit! We had a ball! Elizabeth was there to capture pictures of the rare occasion of us all getting vacation the same week! I feel so blessed to have such wonderfully supportive in-laws. Anyone that knows me has heard that no less than a thousand times. I have taken a new job! Started Aug. 1 with lots of home study and then big travel to New Jersey! I am not looking foward to this AT ALL! I am trying hard to convince Bryan to fly with the girls to New York to meet me one of the weekends, and I think we are almost there (fingers crossed). Lucy is getting so big. SHE IS HILARIOUS! We spend most of our time laughing at her! We have decided that we think she will be laid back and funny! She is such a jewel! Our big girl, Ella Wesley, started MRA this year. She has been going for a little over a week and she LOVES it! She fits right in and has made a ton of new friends! In fact, we have back to school night with her teacher tomorrow night. When I asked her what her teacher was going to say about her she replied..."her is gonna say that I am the sweetest one in the class... well maybe not the sweetest one, but I am sweet!"... what a honest little doll baby! Lucy's new thing is saying her name... and i don't EVER want to forget how this sounds... "WROOCY". It is precious.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Here we go...

There are so many precious, funny things that come out of Ella Wesley's mouth. I have yet to come up with a way to keep up with them, so maybe I will do this... put them on the blog. Lena always says, "you better write that down." She is so right... So here goes. Tonight, Bryan is playing church league softball, Lu is asleep and EW and i are rubbing each others feet on the couch. Just good ole quality time... and it goes like this... "mommy, when you eat too much do you get a baby in your tummy?" i kind of grin and just say "no." My mind is racing... not yet... i am not ready for this....and then she proceeds "well then how? .... mommy?........ how.... how.... how......mommy, how do you get a baby in your tummy?" oh my. I can't believe it is already this time. Lord, help me to answer these questions correctly. I love you, Ella Wesley, and your increasingly curious little independent self. And i couldn't be more proud to be your mommy!
.... to be continued (i am sure :) )

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Time for catch up!

There are so many pictures of the last month or so... I thought a new slide show was in order. Enjoy! I guess it's time to play catch up!!! This Davis crew has been crazy! Spring has been so much fun! Ella Wesley had her first dance recital! She was absolutely precious! We were all so proud of her! Also, she had her gymnastics exhibition! Again, she made us proud! We had a fabulous Mothers Day in Lexington and got to celebrate Whitney and Anna Kate's first birthdays together! We started playing t-ball again. Not real sure that this will be our sport of choice... but for now its fun! The most monumental thing that has happened is that Ella Wesley got on a bike with no training wheels and just rode it. We never taught her. She was so excited!!! This all happened on accident! So the very next day she was riding like she had been doing it for months! Little booger! Lucy is growing up oh so fast! She spent the night with Grammy and Poppa and they called to tell us that she asked to tee tee and they put her on the potty! She poo poo'd on the potty. Then, the very next night, she tee tee for us ! Since then, Mrs. Cordie has found her naked outside tee teeing! Funny little thing! We have been crazy with activities but we wouldn't have it any other way! I took Ella Wesley today to Grammy... it is time for their annual trip to the Memphis Zoo!!! She is so excited! Stay tuned for stories on that. I did hear that they went to ride gocarts tonight! They are spending the night with SUSU, Uncle Bill, and Brad! I am sure she is getting EVERYTHING in the world she might want! Maybe next year for Lucy! The rule is, no Memphis trip until you are potty trained!!! Lets see... what else... Ella Wesley finished her first year of real school this week! Crazy to think that! Oh my! Stay tuned! It is getting harder and harder to update regularly but I sure am trying!!! Have a great Memorial Day weekend!

Sunday, April 12, 2009


Happy Anniversary to my hubby of 6 whole years today!!!!!!We celebrated this years anniversary at the Masters and had a ball!

Well, we had the opportunity of a LIFETIME this weekend. We were invited by Big Jake and Mimi to go to the Masters with them in Augusta, GA. We had a ball... a long car ride with our little munchkins, but something we will never forget. We got to see all of the bigtime golfers. Phil -e-baby Mickelson (my personal fave :)), Tiger, Greg Norman, Ernie Els, the 16 yr. old guy, Fuzzy(on his last trip to the masters), and the list goes on and on. Being around golf my whole life but never a golfer myself, I wasnt sure how into it I would be. Bryan and I both commented walking in on Friday that we felt kinda guilty b/c of all of the huge golfers that would give a million dollars to be there! We are hooked. Never again will we miss that tournament, on TV of course b/c we will probably never get that opportunity again. Not the typical Easter Sunday for us but we did die eggs, have an easter egg, and remember the real reason we were there. Thanks so much Big Jake and Mimi for a weekend we will never forget! We also got to spend the weekend with Uncle Wes and Aunt Lauren and the "peanut" growing in her belly!! YEAH!!! We are so excited!!!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

CRAZY 2009

I know, I know. I have been terrible at posting. We have been super busy and haven't been thinking a lot about the blog. I will do better. We had wonderful holidays and just ended a 7 weekend streak of something to do every weekend. Things are slowing down a little for us now. The girls are growing so fast. Ella Wesley has her ballet and tap dance recital May 9th. She is already so excited about it. She had dress rehearsal this past weekend while I was out of town. Daddy did a bang up job of getting here there, hair done and all, dressed in her tutu and ready for pictures.... (I think, I haven't seen the pics yet).
We celebrated a BIG Mardi Gras season in Natchez b/c Big Jake was the Grand Marshall. It was a big time!
Also, we had another wedding most recently. Ella Wesley was flower girl for the 4th time. She is becoming a little pro. She just turns it on. So funny! Lucy is still as sweet as ever. She is getting a little personality and will give EW a run for her money. The most precious part of my day is seeing those sweet sisters interact. They truly LOVE each other!They each want to see the other one first and they just hug and hug everyday. Ella Wesley takes such good care of her. I am so thankful that they have each other! I guess that is about it for now. We are looking foward to some quality family time in the near future and mommy and daddy are gonna try to have a real date! Hope everyone is well! Thanks for checking in on us!

Sunday, December 14, 2008


I really don't know where in the world the time has gone... somewhere between thousands of birthday parties, Christmas parties, neighborhood parties, school parties, and just good old friend parties, WE ARE EXHAUSTED! Lucy has somewhere along the way, gotten her own social calendar as well and we have been swamped. We wouldn't have it any other way. Well, our big event was Ella Wesley turning 4. It is so hard to believe that our first baby turned 4 on November 30! She asked for a trampoline, and she got it. Note the pictures of daddy doing flips on it AND A TOETOUCH! Who ever said he was a man's man??? He can get as cute and girly and we want him too! We have had such a wonderful Holiday season and are elated that Christmas is just around the corner! Ella Wesley has become such a big girl and I spent Saturday with her at a cookie exchange for all of the K3's at JA... she was such a doll. She gave up her seat when a friend didn't have a chance to ride on the seesaw, she helped her friends put on their shoes and even told them which foot was the right one. She hugged every friend she saw and thanked the mother who hosted the party ALL ON HER OWN. It isn't very often that a working mother gets to see her child interact first hand with her peers. And, I must say, I was humbled by the love she showed everyone. We all know she is one "full of life" little girl and the way her sweet little spirit showed on Saturday made me ever so proud to be her mommy. I love you Ella Wesley. Thank you for loving others the way that you do. Mommy and Daddy are so proud of you!